Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Still nuthin'

After sitting and waiting for news about Noah's visa for over a week now, I finally sent Kathi another email to see what, if anything, is happening with our file. She responded very quickly to let me know that they are hoping to have everything submitted to the US consulate in Haiti by this coming Friday. Everything has to be submitted before we can get an appointment, and that's what I thought was going to happen last week. Evidently that didn't happen so we aren't any further along now than we were a week ago.

The family that we had expected to travel to Haiti with received their visa and they are heading down to pick up their daughter next week. Even though it is a bit disappointing that Phil isn't going with them, we are excited to once again have confirmed to us that these kids really do come home. Ever since I got back from Haiti, Phil has been even more anxious than usual about Noah and this whole process. He told me that once he saw the pictures and videos that I took while I was down there he can think about nothing else but getting this kid home. For whatever reason, being with Noah in Haiti has actually helped me to relax a little bit. I definitely want him home too, but now that I have seen where he is and who is taking care of him and what his days are like, I don't feel so far removed from him. I am reassured that he is doing as well as he can be doing, given the fact that he's not with his family. A lot of people have asked me how I was able to leave him down there. The truth is, I had no choice so I got back on a plane and I left my child in Haiti. If there was anything I could do to make them let me bring him home, don't you think I would have done it? If I thought kicking and screaming and throwing a tantrum would make any difference at all, that's what you would see me doing. If tears and wailing would prompt anybody to action, I would have started crying months ago. The fact of the matter is, all any of that would do is raise my blood pressure and we would still be exactly where we are now. So, we keep plugging along and telling anybody who asks when Noah is coming home, that we hope he will be home soon. I'm still expecting that he will be here to go trick-or-treating with Adam, and that gives us another month-and-a-half before I will reevaluate my new-found calmer approach to this whole thing.