Friday, December 28, 2007

It was a Merry, Merry Christmas at Our House

Posts two days in a row?? What the heck? I still don't have web access set up at home (we are still trying to decide if we want to bite the bullet and sign a high-speed contract. I just hate feeling locked into something.) so this may be my last post for several days. So, I better make it good. There's a lot to cover, so here goes.

First off, my sister thought that I should add a picture of Adam's toe. I took this one on Dec 6th, two weeks after the big rock drop. The swelling had gone down significantly by then.

You can see the spot in the middle of the nail where the doctor melted the hole to release the blood that was building up underneath. It didn't turn black, but it's still definitely going to fall off. Adam is convinced that it will fall off after he turns 7 in July. We'll keep a toenail watch because I know that everybody will be anxious to see if Adam is right. If anybody wants to make their own prediction, feel free. I'll maybe even see if I can find a way to put a poll on this blog, kind of like when people have their friends and family members guess when their babies will be born. I'm clearly never going to do that poll, so the toenail thing will have to do.

Now, on to Christmas. Noah wasn't feeling to great in the day or two leading up to Christmas day. When I finally crawled into bed not long after midnight after wrapping presents and getting other things ready to go for the big day, I had no idea that I would be getting my sleep that night in 30 minute increments. Noah woke up yelling no less than 6 times during the night, maybe more. I went to his room 3 times and Phil said that he went in at least 3 more times- all before 7:00 a.m. when Adam woke up and was ready to check out the goods under the tree. Needless to say, none of the rest of us were nearly as wide-eyed as Adam was at that point, but we decided to go ahead and let Adam wake Noah up so that the present fest could begin.

Phil went downstairs first and then I carried Noah down to see what Santa had brought. He wasn't all that interested, probably because he hadn't slept all night and he was still not feeling great. After just a few minutes of watching Adam's excitement though, Noah climbed down and opened his first present. He very quickly got into the spirit of things and before long he was almost as excited as Adam. Out of all of his gifts, his favorites seemed to be some knit gloves that were in his package from Grandma, some sunglasses that were in his package from Adam, and a rubber-necked chicken that makes his favorite "cock-a-looka-loot" sound when you throw it. I think I got a video of him with all three of those things that I'll try to post later.

After the boys played for a bit and had some breakfast, we decided to put Noah down for an early nap. He slept for over 4 hours and didn't rejoin us until after the family had arrived for dinner! When he awoke, he was much happier and seemed to be feeling tons better. The rest of the day was food, games, and chaos with all the new stuff. I think we are well on our way to turning Adam into a video game addict (just what he needs), and Noah is very attached to that chicken so Christmas was a success for both of them. By the way, after the boys were in bed last night Adam called Phil back upstairs and asked him to make Noah stop flinging the chicken around so that he didn't have to listen to the "cock-a-looka-loot" sound all night.

I went back to work Wednesday this week and Phil is home with the kids. When I got home on Wednesday afternoon, Phil apologized for not having dinner ready. He also apologized for the fact that Adam was the only one dressed for the day. He only slightly grinned when I pointed out to him that Adam was actually dressed in the clothes that he had worn and slept in the day before. At least he was in sweats so he slept comfortably. In the middle of Phil's apology Adam came running downstairs to excitedly announce that he and his dad had made it to the fourth level on his new Scooby Doo game. Nice. Phil's grin got a little bigger at that point.

When I came home on Thursday, everybody was dressed but Phil was not feeling well. He told me that he's decided that he was not cut out to be a stay-at-home mom (or dad). I took the boys and went to the skating rink with some friends and Phil went to bed to relax. I told him that it's actually nice for me to see him struggling a bit with it, since he will undoubtedly find me in that state very often once I'm home for good and I hope that he will be sympathetic.

Today, Phil and the boys showed up at my office. Phil supposedly had some things that he needed to do in his office (which is just down the hall from mine), but I can't help but wonder if he just needed to get out of the house for a bit.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of the boys from the past month or so. It's unbelievable to me that I get to be the mom to two of the cutest kids on the planet! Lucky? Nah, just extremely blessed.
Tubby time for Noah

My handsome boys. We used these on our Christmas cards.

This one isn't exactly cute, but after the fact it kind of makes me laugh. We went out to play after the first big snowstorm of the year and were having a great time until Phil hit Adam in the face with a snowball. I'm sure it didn't feel very good, but again, since Adam can't self-sooth, that was basically the end of playing in the snow for the day.


kjae said...

My guess for the toenail fallage-offage will be February 7th. That is so I can get ahold of it and wrap it up for Phil's bday the next day! C'mon Adam, don't let me down!!!!!!!!

Kjae said...

Ummm... don't you think it's time to remove that ugly toe picture? We all need an update because quite frankly that one is making me a little icky in the tummy. C'mon, you have to have something better to talk about now... We all know the broken toe thing was a big deal, but get over it already!!! Love ya!

kjae said...

For the love of all that's holy, PLEASE get that picture off my screen! I'm somehow drawn to it daily, just knowing it will be gone when I check your blog but NO..... there it is all black and blue and damaged. It wouldn't hurt to actually update your blog you know? There's been a lot that's developed since the last time you wrote. What?! I don't know, but I'm sure there's something.

Now get to it!!!

Joanna said...

You have two VERY cute kids! I hope you all are doing great.

-Joanna Farnsworth