Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Who are you . . . and what have you done with my boys??!?

I'm not sure what is going on, but Noah appears to have gone through some major transformation almost overnight. It's been going on for a few days now so I've decided that it's safe to actually acknowledge it. Hopefully this post won't cause some kind of hiccup in the universe that turns him back into Naughty Noah.

When I picked him up after work last Friday, he was all smiles and very chatty during the car ride home, and for the most part his pleasant disposition has continued. "No!" and "Don't want to!" seem to have been replaced with "Yes" and "Okay, mama." The sweet boy that I've seen glimpses of seems to be winning the battle with the still lovable, but exasperating kid that has been demanding all of the attention. On Saturday night and again on Sunday he told us that he was tired, and he actually asked to go to bed both nights. Whuuut?!?

Then, as if Noah's behavior weren't freaky enough, Adam has had some bizarre moments of his own recently. On Saturday while we were eating dinner he reached over and helped Noah cut his food, and announced that he wanted to help Noah because they are brothers and he loves him. Huh?? And Noah happily allowed it to happen without screaming "I do it!!". What the . . . ?

Church on Sunday was actually somewhat calm and the boys sat through the meetings without hardly any issues at all. I think I only had to shush Adam once or twice as opposed to the usual 40-50 times, and I didn't have to leave the meeting with Noah even once.

Yesterday morning I was awakened at about 6:45 by Adam as he ran into my bedroom, kissed me on the arm, uttered "I love you mom!" and then ran back out the door as quickly as he had come in. I can say unequivocally that there is no better way to start the day, and it's never too early for that kind of a wake-up.

To top it all off, Adam came home from school yesterday with something he called a "nice note". It was basically a little piece of paper from one of his teachers praising him for LISTENING. Holy cow! There clearly is something peculiar going on in our world. I think I'll simply not question it and enjoy the bliss of having two incredible little boys to call my own - even if they are naughty once in awhile.


kjae said...

Ahh, yes... I've heard of this before! It's something called "the calm before the storm." Fasten your seatbelt, sister!!!