Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Fun with Happy Jack!

My sister called on Friday and said that she was going on a date with her five year old and they wanted to know if Adam could join them. Since Noah arrived he has pretty much garnered all of the attention at family gatherings and Adam and Jack haven't had a lot of bonding time so she thought it would be fun to leave all of the other kids behind and just take the two of them for a night on the town.

After what was, I'm sure, an amazing culinary experience at Carl's Jr. she took them to the dollar store to buy some prizes where I met them before all of us headed to Trafalga for the main event. She was a great sport, but understandably didn't want to navigate the chaos of a place like Trafalga by herself with the two of them. After watching them play several games of skee-ball* and cracking up while they got way into a game of air hockey even though neither of them were tall enough to reach the puck if it lingered too long in the middle of the table, we found a photo booth and stuck them inside. After unsuccessfully trying to feed it some money for several minutes we finally just decided to take our own pictures of them doing photo booth stuff. They were in the booth and I just stuck the camera in and clicked four times. This is the result:

Jack was more into it than Adam, and clearly more skilled. I'm just grateful that Adam cooperated at all considering how much noise and excitement was surrounding him beyond the photo booth curtain.

*I had no idea how many varieties of that game exist now. I mean really, it's the same thing whether or not you are shooting for basketball hoops, or trying to knock down crazed looking clowns, or just throwing the ball at the normal skee-ball holes that we are all used to , but the boys loved it and didn't notice that they were doing the same thing in each game. As long as tickets kept coming out, they kept going. Speaking of tickets, why do they put guys behind the prize counter who are going to be impatient when a six year old is having difficulty deciding if he wants to use his 50 tickets on a tootsie roll or a dum-dum? Seriously, those boys worked hard for their tickets and it's going to take some time to make those decisions, so those guys need to chill out.


Kjae said...

Amen, Sister on the impatient teenager behind the counter!

Jack had so much fun that night and has been talking about it non-stop. Now that we're taking our kids on individual dates every couple of weeks I'm sure Adam and Noah will be included even more. Be prepared!

I had NO idea how crazy those two boys could be in the car. I thought I had an idea, but nope! Holy cow I wish I had brought earplugs!

Thanks again for sharing your time with us. We love you and miss you!