Friday, April 04, 2008

Six-year-old emergency

Date: April 4, 2008
Time: Just after 1:00 a.m.
Scene: My cough that has never completely gone away (since January) is starting to creep back in spite of a round of antibiotics. In the interest of not keeping Phil awake with the hacking, I opted to not go to bed last night until I was sufficiently tired and certain that I would easily drift off. Just after 1:00 a.m. I put the computer to sleep with the intention of sleeping myself. I stopped off in Adam's room to get his clothes to lay out for school. Imagine my surprise when Adam started a conversation with me. He needed a drink which I fetched for him and then encouraged him to go back to sleep.

Fast forward approximately 1 hour. I am in the twilight zone, just entering a sound sleep:

Phil: Hrmmpphhhh . . .
Me: Whuuuuuu . . .
Phil: Grumble, grumble
Me: What the heck is wrong?
Adam: Dad? Daaaaddddddddd . . .
Phil: Aaarrgghhhhhhh!
Me: I'll go.
Phil: I was just in there . . .
Me: Lay back down. I said I'll go.
Phil: Fine.
Adam: Dad? DAD!??
Me (stumbling into Adam's room): Adam - what do you need?
Adam: I need to tell Dad something.
Me: Dad's in bed. What do you need.
Adam: Tomorrow is Darlings and donuts. I need to remind him.
Me: What? You are yelling at him for that? It's 2:00 a.m. Go back to sleep.
Adam: We have to go at 8:00 or they will run out of donuts.
Me: Go back to sleep.
Adam: Tell dad.
Me: Seriously Adam - go back to sleep.
Adam: Just tell him.
Me: I'll tell him in the morning. Go back to sleep.
Adam: But what if we're late?
Me: Go back to sleep. Now.
Adam: For how many more hours?
Me: Several - it's not even close to time to wake up.
Adam: Tell Dad.
Me: Okay. Now go back to sleep.

In spite of my insistence, I'm fairly certain that Adam never went back to sleep. He was so worried that he wasn't going to get a donut at his school this morning that I'm pretty sure he stayed awake all night. Phil was up at least a couple of more times and ended up spending the early morning hours in the guest room for whatever reason. Rest assured that we made it for donuts. Adam started his countdown at about 7:15 and let me know every five minutes that time was running out. Good luck to Mr. Evensen today though. Adam is going on about three hours of sleep. The good news is that he is probably on a donut induced sugar high that ought to give him a boost for the first few hours of school. This afternoon may be a little rough.


Kjae said...

Uhhh, Adam on "a donut induced sugar high" ??!? I'm willing to bet the first few hours will be the toughest for his teacher, not when he gets tired in the afternoon! Just a guess.

Dinner tonight will probably be a treat with the three of you sleep deprived. Maybe you should just send Noah and call it good. ;)

Btw, I can't imagine an emergency more serious than the possibility of missing a donut, but that's just morbidly-obese-ME!

Julie said...

What are you saying? Are you suggesting that my kid doesn't handle his sugar very well? Are you saying that my dear little Adam is out of control?

As for tonight, how about Phil, Adam, and I go home to sleep and you just pick Noah up at Kindercare - it's right by the restaurant. We'll get him back from you on Sunday, or Monday, or whatever future date that is convenient for us to get together again.

Kjae said...

Adam out of control??!? Whu?? I didn't even say anything....!!

If it weren't for that pesky "I'm not his mom or dad" thing that I'm certain they'd require, I'd pick him up from Kindercare in a heartbeat. I'm not sure he'd make it all the way to EM but we could try. If not I would at least let you know where the drop off was.

Julie said...

That's the beauty of Kindercare though - they have a list of people who are approved to pick up each of the kids, and what do you know? Your name is on Noah's list! Yippeeeeeee!!! Just show up with your ID and he's all yours.

Kjae said...

Drat, foiled again! (Do people really say that??) Apparently.

It's going to be really funny some day when I got to Kindercare to pick him up and you have no idea, then the people will tell you I picked him up and then you'll call me and ask.... and I'll lie and say that I didn't, and then you'll freak out thinking your boy has been kidnapped. Ahhh, good times, good times!

Hey, those people are floating around again! And where'd your counter go? Argh, you KNOW I hate change! Stop it!!

Kjae said...

And then, when you were really sad, I would say "April Fools" and you'd laugh and think it was a really great prank. I guess that would have to be next April though, so maybe by then you'd have already given up looking for him. You would have already forgotten that you had another kid. And then I'd laugh. But then I'd cry because you will have adjusted to just one kid again and you wouldn't take Noah back, and then I'd be stuck with him. I've smelled that boy before.... I DON'T want that!!

Still, it would be a pretty funny trick, you have to admit.

Julie said...

You have a weird, twisted sense of humor. I have a feeling that if given enough time you would actually try your little prank. I guess it's a good thing that Kindercare is almost a thing of the past for all of us.

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness, you two are CRACKING me up!!! Hilarious! Funny post... boys are silly and kids are crazy! The games their minds play with them. Poor Adam.