Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Beautiful Noah

I remember getting pictures of Noah in the updates that they would send before he came home. I craved those pictures and any word that they would send about how he was doing. It's impossible to describe to somebody who hasn't been through the process what it's like to have your child growing up without you. I believed that he was mine from the day we matched with him in July 06, yet I didn't actually meet him until August 07 and he didn't come home until November 07. He was mine for more than a year, and I started to bond with him before we ever met. I had never held him. I had never wiped his tears. I had never brushed his teeth. I had never fed him, or bathed him, or kissed him. I had never heard his laugh, or his cry, or his voice. The pictures and the brief updates were all I had to let me know how he was doing and who he was. Imagine my disappointment when my update photo would arrive and this is what I had to keep me going for another month:For whatever reason, the photographer at the creche seemed to have a hard time getting a decent picture of Noah. The updates would say that he was "joyful" but they would be accompanied by shots like these:

He was cute in all of them, but joyful? I never saw that side of him. Month after month I would get my one picture and I was always left wondering if this kid was able to smile. Look at him now though:

These were taken last month on his third birthday. He's definitely joyful.


KJae said...

He is absolutely beautiful, you're right!!

Just to let you know, I was number 993, 994, 995, 996, 997, 998, 999 and 1000!!!!!!!!! I win the prize, whatever it might be!! ; )

Julie said...

Nice. Your prize is going to be a great, big, sloppy Noah kiss. You can collect this week-end. :-)