Thursday, May 01, 2008

Welcome to May!

I went to bed last night with snow flying outside my front door and woke up this morning to the weather man announcing that it was 27 degrees outside. Utah gets so balmy this time of year. Happy spring everyone!


KJae said...

You poor girl! One day Spring will happen, be patient. I hope it matters to you that all of my trees have beautiful pink, smelling-good blossoms on them. Even my tiny little peach tree has blossoms. My bleeding hearts are already starting to get huge and I put carrot seeds in the ground just yesterday. In another week or two I'll be planting the rest of our garden. It's coming.... I promise!!

Julie said...

Did you notice that I didn't complain in that post? I simply reported the facts, and then left a nice happy flower to make you smile.

The bleeding heart in my front yard looks beautiful. I'm bummed though because when I planted it there was a tree above to provide some shade. You remember, right? One of the trees that snapped in half in that microburst a couple of summers ago. . . the bleeding heart will do well until summer really hits and then it will bake. I really should have moved it before it got too big. I guess that's a project for next year.

KJae said...

I DID notice that you weren't complaining. That's an incredible step toward multi-weather-enjoyment!

The only reason our bleeding hearts are doing well is because they're in complete shade. We even lost three others that were in the mostly-shade-but-some-sun area. I wish they hung on longer than they do... it seems that as soon as they bloom they die. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Nah, I can't imagine that being a possibility.