Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cool toy for a Haitian kid (or any kid, really, if they've never seen one before)

Noah just came in with the Viewmaster that Adam hasn't played with in at least a couple of years. He thought it was cool and wanted me to see it even though it didn't have any disks in it. Imagine his delight when I put a Nemo disk in and he saw fish, and turtles, and sharks. The funny thing is, I think he thought the gadget was a set of binoculars because when he saw the pictures he kept pulling it down from his eyes and looking around the room wondering where the shark and fish were. It was pretty funny. Now that he's figured it out, he's having a ball. Of course, by the time I got the camera out, he was well on his way to figuring it out so he stopped looking around the room, but I still managed to capture some of the excitement.



Tammie E said...

I can't believe how good Noah is doing! He is adorable and the video just plain made me smile. He did it! He did it!

KJae said...

So, I've been thinkin'.....

Have you not created a new post because you were waiting on a comment from me on this one??!? If so...

"Awwwww, he's such a doll! Maybe a tiny bit retarded, trying to find the pictures outside of the toy, but you can't expect a cute AND smart kid, now can you??!? Nope, that would just be selfish."

So, how's about a new post?

: )