Monday, July 07, 2008

Quote of the Week

I had something else all ready to go for this week's quote, but then Noah just came into the office to watch me work on the computer and pre-empted his other quote with this one. I'll save the other one for another time. For this one, keep in mind that Noah is completely aware that I would like to potty train him. He is very cooperative insomuch that he will go every time I put him on the toilet, but he absolutely won't tell me when he needs to go. I have honestly put him on the toilet every twenty minutes and he goes every single time so I don't have a clue how he has anything left in his little bladder, but he still manages to pee in his underwear in between the times that I put him on. It's exhausting and I have decided that he really just isn't ready for it. I think he's used to the toilet from his time in the orphanage. He knows exactly what to do and he's not afraid to do it, but he simply doesn't care at this point. One time last week while he was sitting on the toilet he was talking away in typical Noah style and I heard him say "Mommy potty train. No way." The kid works me. Anyway, that's not even the quote of the week. This is:

"I need a go potty. Seriously, mom. I need a go potty."

-Noah, about five minutes ago

That merits being the quote of the week for a couple of reasons.

1. I just happened to be making a potty chart when he came into the room (I'll try anything) and I know that he only said that he needs to go because he saw a picture of a toilet on the computer.

2. Did this three-year-old who came to us from Haiti only seven months ago really just use the word "seriously" in the appropriate context? Whuttttt??!? His vocabulary really is quite remarkable even without considering his history. He is much further along than most of his little American born friends.

(side note: This picture was taken the day after we got back from our trip last week. I was re-energized and decided to give it another shot. I think he went potty on the toilet no less than a dozen times that day. He also pee'd in 6 pair of underwear.)


KJae said...

I love that picture!

The only trick you have left to teach him is to understand what the urgency to pee feels like. I have no idea how to teach that one.... especially to a child who just barely learned English. Maybe you should dance around holding yourself whilst screaming "I need a go pee!!" Other than that, I've got nothin'!

Good luck.

Michelle said...

awesome! the things i have to look forward to in less than 6 weeks!!! (check my blog!) Ü
welcome home!!! Ü