Friday, August 22, 2008

Adam, Adam, Adam . . .

Scene: Last night while putting on Noah's pajamas I noticed that little curls of his hair were stuck to his head, but not attached.

Me: Noah? What happened?
Noah: Adam did it!
Me: Adam! What did you do . . . ???
Adam: wide-eyed stare
Noah: Adam cut my hair.
Adam: continued stare
Me: Adam! What did you do?
Noah: Adam cut my hair with the scissors.
Me: ADAM! Answer me. What did you do???
Adam: He needed a haircut.
My only consolation is that it happened on their dad's watch.


Kristi said...

That's funny! I love that Noah says "I'm so handsome" - too cute!

KJae said...

That's too funny. Just yesterday, when I saw Shiz's quote of the week, I thought to myself that his hair was getting kind of long. I guess Appy and I have some sort of brain wave connected. Sorry about that.

LOVE that video!!

KJae said...

Sooooo...??!!??!! What was Adam's punishment? No Pokemon cards for a week? Having to play outside for 30 minutes? Having people hug and kiss him non-stop? C'mon, I'm dying to know....

Julie said...

Right after I discovered it I had to leave for a presidency meeting so Phil had to deal with it. Of course he had to quit laughing in the other room first, but then the punishment rained down. They agreed that Adam would lose his Pokemon cards for 2 days. That really is his only currency. Right now he is reading his Pokemon book and working on some Pokemon sticker pages though. I'm not sure that he's missing the cards as much as we would like.

Funny on the Shiz thing. I was trying to remember that just a few days ago.

nessa said...

what a darn little cutie! He still looks adorable even missing a few hairs!

Amanda said...

He is so handsome! Guess it's time for a shave for Noah!