Monday, October 27, 2008

I got a sticker, but since I no longer go to a job where people will be impressed that I completed my civic duty (ahead of time, no less) I decided to blast the news on my blog. That means that at least three or four people will now know that I am very cool because I voted. And I voted for at least one democrat and one republican. None of that straight party voting for me. I'm too informed for that type of thing.

Maybe I can wear my sticker when we go to our annual Halloween play in Salt Lake City tonight. Then the theater crowd will know that I am cool too. And maybe I will make a stop at Costco at some point today. I read that Costco shoppers are generally more affluent (and therefore more intelligent and worth impressing) than the people who I typically shop with at Walmart. What's the point of voting if the affluent Costco shoppers aren't aware that I voted? And I just thought of something . . . if I'm careful with it, I can wear my sticker until election day actually comes and goes and impress even more members of my community. Until that idea hit me, I thought the only reason for voting early was to avoid the long lines on election day.


Savanna Landrum said...

Wow, I am very impressed by your informed voterlyness! If I was old enough to vote I would get my sticker laminated and sewn onto a pair of my favorite jeans just so people would think I was politically involved. :)