Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday morning cookie adventure

After church yesterday we decided to make cookies to take to a few people. At the top of the list were Noah's nursery teachers (see previous post). Our list got pretty long, so we decided to double the batch. Adam climbed up onto the counter to help and before long, we had a giant bowl of cookie dough. After baking three pans worth, it was time to get dinner on the table, so the rest of the dough went into the fridge.

I started baking the rest of the cookies a little while ago. I put a pan of cookies in, put Noah in the tub, and made sure that Adam and his friend were playing nicely before I sat down to check my email.

Fast forward 30 minutes - I'm still on the computer, listening to Noah who is still in the tub, and Adam and his friend who are still playing nicely in the playroom. Oh-noooooo!! The COOKIES!! As I raced down the stairs I was already letting myself off the hook for turning the cookies into a carbon experiment. "I haven't burned cookies for a long time," I thought. "It's only one pan," I thought, "and I made a double batch so there will still be plenty." I was also wondering why I wasn't smelling any smoke when I finally made it to the kitchen. Imagine my surprise when I saw the pan of cookies, sitting beautifully on the counter and not at all burned. (Those are really my cookies in the picture. See? None of them are burned.) The next pan was already filled with cookie dough, ready to be put into the oven. Whut the . . .? I still have no idea how that happened and even as I stood there staring at the un-burned cookies I had no memory of any of it. I'm thinking that the most logical explanation is that our house is inhabited by a cookie fairy who comes to visit anytime I think I can bake cookies without burning any of them. I'm also thinking that it's a good thing Noah is so noisy in the tub, or I might very well forget him too. And I doubt that our cookie fairy hangs out with a bathtub fairy who would rescue Noah. That would be ridiculous.

Speaking of, he's been in the tub for close to an hour now so I better go get him out before he ends up looking like a little Haitian raisin.


KJae said...

do i get a cookie?

Julie said...

I'll give you one or two, but you have o come and pick them up.

Nathan said...

I'm honored we made the list.

Oh, and thank the cookie fairy for me. They were delicious and didn't last long in our house.

Savanna Landrum said...

Your cookies are beautiful and make me want to get fat off of them. Yummy...did I just say I want to get fat from cookies? Does your cookie fairy have any evil tendencies or mind controling powers??

KJae said...

Getting fat from cookies is definitely an option. Have you seen me lately? I'm pretty sure cookies had something to do with it.

I never saw your reply until tonight. I wonder if there are cookies still available? But one or two, really??!? Are you trying to do your part in getting me to lose weight, or what?

Danielle Christiansen said...

I want a cookie fairy at my house.