Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Dilemma: Should I trust him, or am I being naive?

So yesterday Noah managed to go the entire day (well - by the time our day really got started it was 12:00) without peeing outside of the toilet. He was pretty upset that I wouldn't put a diaper on him at first, and he kept bringing one to me and telling me that he needed it, but I finally convinced him that he wasn't getting one. After a mild tantrum he finally gave up. He then pee'd on the toilet each time I asked him for the rest of the day. Right before bedtime he actually went into the bathroom all by himself and did his business without saying a word to us. His t-shirt was a little long though and without assistance from me the tail took a little dip into the toilet water. Ewwwwwww! The good news though is that it was pajama time anyway, so no harm, no foul.

One nagging thought that I can't seem to get out of my head is that it's possible that he is finding a corner in which to pee and I won't discover that until the heat of summer returns. Noah is smart enough that I wouldn't put that past him, but he's also into efficiency. I'm banking on the fact that he's too busy to go searching for a pee corner when we have three toilets in our house that are completely available to him.

He goes to pre-school today so he's going to have to get back in a diaper for part of the day, but we are going with the t-shrt method for the time being.

More updates to come.

And have you VOTED yet today??? Did I mention that I voted early? That means that I don't have to go stand in line today. And I got a cool "I VOTED" sticker that I've been able to wear all week. Yeeee-haw! I'm still feeling pretty excited about that. That's one of the bonuses of living a simple life - small things become yeeee-haw worthy.


KJae said...

He's so awesome! Just be consistent and he'll eventually pick it up. It sounds like he's catching on. Yippeeee.

I still have seen that so-called sticker. Whatever!

Myrn said...

I was able to take advantage of the early voting thing on Friday while I was off work. I thought it would be a lot easier than battling bad weather or trying to squeeze it in early morning or late afternoon with my new work schedule. But I didn't get a cool sticker from the Fire Station where I went. DARN !