Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Potty update

Noah is in the tub again. He slept in a diaper last night, but while he was eating his breakfast this morning (still wearing his diaper from the night) he told me that he needed to go potty. We are making progress.

Last night after we came home from Adam's basketball game, I removed Noah's diaper and sent him to the toilet. For whatever reason, he was completely opposed to taking off his pants like he normally does when he goes to the bathroom and I didn't argue with him on that one. I went about getting Adam's dinner and asked Phil to get Noah off of the toilet. He happily left his election headquarters on our couch and obliged. He announced to me that Noah's pants were soaked, which confused me because his diaper had been relatively dry when I took it off. As I was putting his pajamas on him, I also discovered a soaked sock and determined that Noah has two choices when going to the bathroom:

1. He will either be supervised for the entire process
2. He will be stripped naked before he climbs aboard

I asked him if he wanted to wear some big boy underwear today and he emphatically declined, so it's back to going commando with the t-shirt. I'm going to put my new found optimism to work.

On another positive note, it appears that he has learned the color pink. Now he knows pink and yellow. Blue, green and all other varieties of red are still elusive, but that color/potty part of his brain seems to be developing at long last. Baby steps.

Oh! Gotta go. He's yelling from the tub that he needs to go potty.


KJae said...

Wow!! His Daddy probably doesn't even get out of the tub before peeing! Go Shiz!!!!!