Monday, December 01, 2008

Inside every grown man . . . there lives a 12-year old boy.

I have a long held theory that inside every grown man lives a 12-year-old boy that never dies. Sometimes you have to dig deep to find him, but I guarantee you that he is there. He usually manifests himself in silly potty or body part humor or in activities that most women think only little boys would enjoy. Phil is a perfect case study for my theory. My dear husband went to school for approximately 30 years and ended up with a Ph.D at the end of it (grown-up). His hobbies include intellectual pursuits like history, world religions, and politics (grown-up); he manages to sit on the stand with the Bishopric each week at church and although he doesn't necessarily enjoy the attention of the position, he pulls it off pretty well (grown-up). Phil is the type of guy that not only took a bunch of work with him to Vegas, but he actually took it with him to the pool - AND WORKED on it (ridiculously grown-up). People who don't know Phil though would probably have a hard time believing that much to my annoyance, his favorite television show is the Simpson's (12 year old boy); when we left Kung Fu Panda with the boys Phil announced that it was the funniest movie he had seen in a very long time (12-year-old boy) and when we went to the Louvre in Paris this last summer, he giggled audibly as we strolled through a gallery with a bunch of anatomically correct statues (12-year-old boy). Here's proof that both sides of Phil are very real:

Pool-side in Las Vegas

Good thing he rarely checks in on the blog, or he would KILL me for this one. Although I tell people all the time that Phil isn't always the guy he plays in public, I think he likes the persona and this picture totally outs the twelve year old inner Phil.

Anyway, the point of this ridiculously long introduction is to set up some pictures of what Phil and Adam have done for the past couple of week-ends. Last Saturday they spent the day with a neighbor and his kids at Topaz Mountain digging in the dirt for Topaz. Apparently Adam has some kind of talent for finding ridiculously small pieces of topaz crystals that everybody else misses. Who knew? This Saturday while I was recovering from Black Friday, they spent the day with Phil's friend Jeff in the west desert digging in the dirt for geodes. Great fun was had by all, because true to my theory, Phil isn't the only grown man with a 12-year-old boy inside of him who is dying to get out.

Lunch on Topaz MountainBack to Work

Digging for Geodes - Phil was taking the pictures so he isn't in any of them, but trust me, he was just as dirty as Adam was when they got home and their bucket was just as full as Jeff's.

12-year-old Jeff

Adam on the ride home with a few of the spoils from the day in his lap.

After they got home Phil told Adam that he didn't want him to bring the rocks inside to clean them off. They decided that they would hook up the hose and clean the rocks off outside at some future date so that all of the clay didn't run down our kitchen drain. Before Phil went to bed on Saturday night, he had rocks at the kitchen sink washing off the clay so that he could show me how "cool" they were. See? I'm telling you he's 12.


KJae said...

heh heh
(me no like pee-pees!)
heh heh

And remember, if Phil didn't have that 12 year old side of himself, I would have absolutely NO use for him.

heh heh heh.....

Nathan said...

For the record, I had NO interest in going out in the sun and digging in the dirt all day.

That said, it's probably because I'm lazy and would rather stay home and not because my internal 12-year-old boy took a permanent vacation.

Julie said...

Don't be all superior Nathan - rock digging may not be the way that your inner 12-year old manifests himself, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't exist. I'm sure he's there - somewhere . . .