Monday, December 08, 2008

Where's Waldo?

This is my beautiful niece, Keni. She's a teenager. These first two pictures were taken before it became completely uncool to smile for pictures:
From before she was even this big, we all knew that Keni was a good girl. I remember telling my sister when Keni was about three years old that it was already obvious that she would always do the right thing. Now that she's hit the ripe old age of 14, she thinks she can pull off the stink-eye look that her mother and I perfected as teenagers. But I know better. In spite of her efforts to appear otherwise, Keni is still a very good girl.With that said, Keni's teen-age status is made abundantly clear in the condition of her bedroom. Noah is in this picture somewhere. Can you find him?
(In case anybody thinks I am the meanest Aunt ever for posting this, Keni was there when I took the picture and I was completely up-front with her that it was going to appear on my blog. She may think I am the meanest Aunt ever, but I don't think it has anything to do with this post; rather it's all about her trying to pull off the teen-angst thing by pretending to hate all adults. I'm just making it easy on her by actually giving her a reason to think I'm a jerk.)


KJae said...

That cracks me up!!!! Jake had quite the laugh but Keni keeps saying, "Oh no she dih-unt!!!"

Way to go, Ju. That rocks! And Jake couldn't find Shiz, btw. Keni says you're a turd. Oh well.

Julie said...

Jake laughed, huh? I think that if I were him it might occur to me that if his crazy aunt is willing to do such a thing to his sister, I might be just as willing to do something similar to him. now he's got me thinkin'.

And if that's all Keni called me, it's no different than any other day. Is that all she's got??!?

Keni said...

fyi... we're cleaning my room today. and i smile for pictures again! most days..... unless i had a super sucky day. but who actually wants pictures on a super sucky day??? tell me one person and i'll give you a....... a high five!! i was gonna say like five bucks or somethin but i'm sorta broke. and if i had five bucks i wouldn't want to give it away anyways