Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Adam Rasn

Adam's "Cool Blue Lion" picture won an honorable mention award at the district Reflections contest. He was very excited when we walked into the auditorium and he saw a bunch of trophies sitting on a table. He was certain that he was going to get one, even though I kept telling him that the trophies were most likely for the kids who placed and he didn't actually place. He wasn't at all concerned about 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, he just REALLY wanted another trophy.

I was sufficiently surprised when they started giving out the awards and the trophies actually were for the honorable mentions. Apparently they give a first place in each category for each age group and then an honorable mention in each category for each age group. Adam's picture was deemed one of the very best of all the pictures submitted by k-2nd graders in the district. Yeaaaaa Adam! The winners got plaques and the h.m.'s got trophies. Adam was thrilled. I was very happy for his excitement.

Imagine our anticipation as we sat there in the big auditorium waiting for Adam's name to be announced so that he could go up to the stage and claim his prize. The tension in the room was palpable. We were all on the edges of our seats . . . waiting . . . waiting . . . and then it happened:

Honorable Mention, Photography: (drum roll please) ADAM RAISIN!

What??!? How do you screw up RASH? You spell it RASN, and you pronounce it Raisin, that's how.

After the initial confusion of him not knowing if he was supposed to go onto the stage because he didn't recognize his name, Adam got over it and didn't seem to mind the error. The lady offered to take the trophy to get it fixed, but Adam had no interest in letting it out of his grasp. Not only did Adam come home with a shiny new trophy, but I think he has a new nickname too.


KJae said...

WAY TO GO, RAISIN!!!!! That is seriously so cool that he did that well. It doesn't surprise me... that picture was awesome. I'm so happy for him.

I'm pretty sure they were thinking R-a-s-h??!? Hmmmm, I'm betting that's a typo! Who would really have the last name of Rash? That's just embarrassing. We'd better make it right and give them a respectable name like R-a-s-n. It's a strange spelling, sure, but Raisin is much better than Rash when announcing from the microphone. Let's be honest.

Danielle Christiansen said...

that was nuts! They spelled MaKayla & McKenzies name completely wrong on the first School trophy's. I think they should double check those things. It is so important to the kids.
Adam wasn't sure if he was suppose to go up or not because that isn't his name.
Oh and Is I sent you a email about the photography focus group but it got sent back. It starts next T. At my house 7-8 p.m

Amy said...

That's hilarious! Can I just tell you how funny your blog is? I think it is my favorite one to read right now.

Lydia said...

I guess you can mess up any name if you try. Congrats Adam.

Julie said...

Thanks Amy. If I couldn't find the humor in my life with these kids I would be afraid for all of us. The truth is though, they supply the material, I just report it.