Thursday, January 08, 2009

Another funny

A conversation that I just overheard from the other room where the boys are watching tv:

Adam: Let's watch this instead. (As he changes the channel.)
Noah: (squeeling)
Adam: Knock it off Noah!
Noah: (louder squeeling)
Adam: C'mon! Let's watch something else!
Noah: (squeeling turns into crying/foot stomping) NO ADAM!
Adam: (sensing that he might get in trouble if Noah rats him out) Fine!

pause in the conversation while the channel is changed back

Adam: (clearly annoyed) Why do you want to watch stupid Ben-10 anyway? It's a kid's show and I don't like to watch it because I don't feel like I'm a kid anymore!

He's seven, by the way.


KJae said...

Yes, but WAY more 7 than a lot of 7s. He's awesome!! I can't believe he gave in. That's maturity right there.

Nathan said...

This is like the crystal ball for our future with our daughter.

I'm sure she already thinks she's 15.

Some day, Adam will probably wish he was 7 again so he doesn't have to pay rent or grocery bills.

Lydia said...

Well what a funny little "man".