Friday, February 13, 2009

The "learning" part

A conversation between Phil and Adam that I witnessed on Wednesday evening:

Adam: Hey Dad, did you like school when you were a little kid?
Phil: No. Not really.
Phil: (after quickly realizing the implication of what he was saying) But I learned to like it a lot. I worked hard so that I could go to college. School was great!
Adam: I don't think I like school.
Phil: Really? I thought you liked school.
Adam: I like some of it but I don't like some of it.
Phil: What don't you like?
Adam: I don't really like the learning part . . . I like everything else though.

The learning part??? Isn't that kind of the point of school?


Brent and Lori said...


The social part, the recess part, the lunch part, the coloring part.... all great. The learning,... meh! Not so much!

Keni said...

Well I TOTALLY get what adam's talking about. The learning part sometimes can be a drag.