Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hawks: Faux and Fro

Adam started 3rd grade today. I'm pretty bummed that the summer is over and he is going to spend most of his day away from home again. When you only have two kids like I do, and one of them is suddenly gone for most of the day, it's a little too quiet. We really missed having him around today. On the bright side, we had a really great summer (post on that later). Maybe that's why I'm so sad to see it end. Also, the reality that Adam is barely a little boy anymore makes me sad. It really is amazing how fast he's growing up.

After school I asked him how his day was. Since recess is really the only thing he ever wants to report on, I asked him what he did at recess. He told me that he chased girls. I asked him if they knew that he was chasing them. He said that they did. I asked him if they liked that he was chasing them. He said he didn't know, but he thought it was fun. I asked him if he was the only boy chasing them. He said that he was, and then he quickly followed that with the names of two other little boys who joined in. I'm a little skeptical about whether or not they actually did join him, or if he was just telling me that, but I tried to not press him too much. I guess I can be happy that he at least getting some exercise on the playground. And he didn't get an action slip for misbehaving at recess, so apparently the little girls weren't too bothered by his pursuit.

We sat both boys down for per-going-to-school haircuts last night and Noah was pretty adamant that he didn't want to get his haircut. After the last haircuts we had to console Noah because he wanted his hair in a faux hawk like Adam and Phil told him that the reason he can't have a faux hawk is because his hair is too short. In spite of my further explanation that the length of his hair isn't the only barrier between his head and a faux hawk, Noah became convinced that it would work if he simply let his hair grow long enough. Soooooo, last night we made a deal with him that he could have a mohawk for a couple of days if he would just sit still for a hair cut. After he was shorn, Adam looked at him and started laughing. Noah responded with an emphatic "It's not funny, Adam! It's cool." He thinks it's great and I fear that he's not going to tolerate getting it cut off before the week-end like he agreed.

Here is what my boys looked like on the first day of 3rd grade for Adam:


KJae said...

Oh me Oh my. What darling boys you have. I like the hawks but I'm betting he freaks when you cut it in a few days.

Kiss them for me.

HJ wants to wear a do-rag tomorrow but I'm pretty sure they don't allow it.

Amanda said...

Handsome devils. Good luck to Adam in third grade! When does Noah get to start pre-school?

Myrn said...

Cute, cute boys !! And I can't believe 3rd Grade already.

Excuse my "out-of-touch-ness". What is a do-rag?

KJae said...

I don't know if that's the correct spelling, but it's when they tie a bandana on their heads. I think. Ask the little Mr. T.

Renae said...

SO stinkin cute!! Now why, exactly can that sweet boy not have his hair the way he wants it??? I seem to remember some friends of mine telling my not freak out about Matt's Bleached blond hair! I believe their exact words were..."it's just hair"!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a little late, but just read your blog. Aren't my grandkids the cutest ever????? I haven't seen a homely one yet.... And as far as the haircut goes, I can't see much difference in the pictures. Let it go and be happy he has hair. Look at Grandpa Dale.

Michelle said...

So handsome!!! Time is going waay to fast!!