Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What is it? REVEALED

Okay, so here is the answer that you have all been waiting for. Just as I predicted, nobody came even close but I'm impressed with the creativity. At first I totally laughed when I saw Kristi's guess of Adam's nose with macaroni, but then I looked at the picture again and she's right. It does look like Adam's nose with macaroni. Look at it again . . . you'll see.

This is what it looked like when I put it in Adam's school lunchbox one day last week:

This is what it looked like AFTER he removed it from the package, took what appears to be one or two bites out of it, and then put it in his pocket for possible later consumption (because eating lunch takes WAYYYYY too long and recess was waiting). He then apparently didn't get hungry again during the day so it stayed in his pocket until he removed his clothes at home that night. It was allowed to percolate at the bottom of the laundry basket for a couple of days prior to me putting it through a wash and double rinse cycle as well as a round on high in the dryer. At some point during the drying time it dislodged from his pocket and tumbled around until I finally pulled it out. You may be wondering how I even recognized that it was a cheese stick. Well, dear little Adam has a habit of leaving cheese sticks laying around so I've seen versions of this before. However, I have never seen one quite like this. It's a remarkable specimen. (This is the picture that I zoomed in on to get the original "What is it? image. It's a little more difficult to see the nose/macaroni thing here but you can still see it if you try.)

Who would have guessed that after spending 50 minutes on high in the dryer that a cheese stick would shrink to the size of a quarter and turn rock hard? Not me, and clearly none of you would have guessed that either. Apparently there's a lot of liquid in a cheese stick.

Here is the same cheese stick today, a week after I found it in the dryer. (Yes, I still have it. I have no idea why. Don't judge me.)

It is completely preserved and will probably stay in this state for the rest of eternity. If I always forget to go through Adam's pockets while doing laundry I just may end up adding significantly to my food storage


Nathan said...

Whoa, I was way off, and I think I'm glad I was.

Thanks for sharing this one too. Now, the next time I get asked about what happens to cheese sticks in the dryer, I'll have an answer.