Friday, October 23, 2009

Skittle-licious Daddy

In the car last night with all three of the guys. Adam was thirsty so I handed him an unopened water bottle from the front seat. This is how it went from there:

Adam: (after a brief struggle) I can't get this open . . . Dad? Can you open it?
Phil: Sure. (Adam hands Phil the bottle, and magically, Phil opens it without too much of a struggle at all. He then triumphantly hands it back to Adam.)
Adam: How did you do that?
Noah: (with one of his seemingly "That makes no sense" comments.) Daddy has skittles.
Adam: He does?
Phil: I do?
Noah: Yeah . . . you have big skittles.
Adam: Where? I want some!
Phil: No I don't.
Noah: Yeah . . . you have big skittles to open the water.
Phil: Whu . . . oh, do you mean muscles?
Noah: Yeah, muscles. You have skittles and muscles!
Phil: He's not too far off. This body has had a few too many skittles.


Katie said...

Thats so cute Julie. Maybe he mean't skills

Terri said...

Oh that is very cute. I thought he meant skills ya know like Napolean Dynamite. Any way is it not great to be someones hero.