Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bonding moments

Right now. I'm typing as I'm listening to this interaction.

Noah - who is in trouble and laying on his bed
Adam - who is in the middle of a "no screen" day so he's desperate for things besides TV and video games to do

The boys bedroom (while I am in the room next door on the computer).

Adam took a book into the bedroom and offered to read to Noah while he is on his bed. Noah is listening intently while Adam reads about Adam and Eve from the Children's Bible Storybook that Auntie gave them. This is what Adam just now said:
"Listen to this part Noah . . . it's good. Adam and Eve were in the Garden, and they were . . . NAKED!"

giggle, giggle from both boys

Adam is still reading and he just now said "Wait a minute . . . why is there snot on this book?" After Noah told him that he had no idea how it might have gotten there, Adam just kept on reading Apparently the question was prompted by genuine curiosity rather than disgust. He just now pointed out that it's a pretty long book so maybe they should read more later. Noah is in agreement so it appears that they are moving on to something else. Adam just suggested that they go downstairs so that Noah can listen to Adam play the piano. He's working on the Jaws theme and Noah is more than happy to be his audience, even though he only knows the part where the shark is swimming towards some unexpecting victim and he plays those two notes over and over and over and over . . .

I love my boys. I'm a little concerned that they are bonding over naked people and snot, but that's better than yelling and screaming.


Myrn said...

It's pkay. Just take and enjoy all those good quiet moments you can get.

Myrn said...

Oooops. That should say it's OKAY.

Lydia said...

The things that bond boys are so strange.

G,ma Lolo said...

Sure glad you are recording these things. I have long forgotten so many FUN things. Sure love those boys.

Ging said...

Bonding in this way is actually referred to as "Male Bonding"
Sorry, I couldn't resist.
BTW: I hope you found some new jeans for Noah and I hope more that the others will regain their dignity.