Tuesday, March 09, 2010

I'm baaaaaack!

I am officially ending my longest ever break from blogger. I feel like it's been a crazy month and a half since I was on here last, yet I'm struggling to figure out what has kept me away. Many funny conversations, frustrating moments, and noteworthy things have occurred since I last posted, but I'm afraid that most of them are gone forever. Bummer. I started this blog a few years ago to help me keep track of memories so that when I find myself sitting alone in my house many years from now, I will be able to look back and remember with some degree of reliability just how great I had it. Sometimes when I am in the midst of those moments, I struggle to keep it all in perspective. Just like every journal I have ever started, the blog got the to point that it was more of a responsibility than something fun and cathartic for me. The break wasn't necessarily intentional, but it was good for me to realize that I'm not a slave to blogging. With that said, I'm back. I'll take some time over the next few days to post a bunch of random things so that I can feel semi-caught up and then it's onward from here.

Oh yeah, just to put this question to rest, Noah is still peeing his pants pretty much every day. *sigh*


Renea Lynch said...

How did you guess the 'wetting' was the first question to pop into my mind? ;) lol Glad to see you back! Can't wait to hear more stories of your boys. God Bless.

Nathan said...

Just think of all the wetting as money in the bank. Someday, when he knows better, you can pull up these pages and remind him how much trouble he was. Then you can guilt him into doing things for you.

Of course, this may not be the healthiest approach to parenting.