Thursday, June 21, 2007

And still more waiting . . .

I obviously haven't been too great at keeping up with this. This blogging stuff really is like journal keeping, and I obviously am not doing any better with this than I do with my journal. Even rare posts are better than none I guess, so here goes an update.

As you can see, April (and Noah's second birthday) has come and gone and our little boy is still in Haiti. We managed to get through the social services (IBESR) wait in about 4 months which was great news. Madame Beaudin has been a huge blessing to all of the families who are trying to adopt kids from Haiti. However, just as that step seems to have improved dramatically, somebody else has come along to ensure that nothing in Haiti is going to happen quickly. From what we've been told, our file came out of IBESR in February and then entered something called Parquet. I don't know what happens there because it's a new step and nobody has been able to give me a very clear idea. The good news is that it wasn't held up in Parquet very long before we moved onto court. From what I can tell from the vague information that we have been given, the file came out of court sometime during the first half of May and now we sit and wait for his passport. Apparently very few passports are being issued to these adopted kids right now and nobody really knows why. It seems that a 3-4 month wait is typical, although I am aware of a few families who have been waiting much longer than that. Once his passport is signed, it will take another month or so for it to be printed and then we will be able to go get him. If we follow what seems to be the typical passport timeline, we may be able to finally go to Haiti in October. He will be 2-1/2 then and we will have been working on his adoption (including pre-referral time) for almost two years. That just seems crazy to me, but by all accounts the frustrations of the process will all fade away once he's home.

A couple of weeks ago Adam came and crawled into bed with me and Phil at about 6:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning. He was feeling a little chatty apparently, and he wanted to talk about Noah. He was asking when he's coming home and I was trying to mumble a lucid response although I was still half asleep. Adam came up with a solution - he wanted me to go downstairs and call Haiti. When that thought occurred to him, he was suddenly very excited. When I told him that we couldn't really call Haiti, he wanted to know why. Again, through the fog of sleep, the only answer I could come up with was "We don't have Haiti's number." He immediately sat straight up and started to crawl over me to get out of bed, and even more excitedly said "Let's go look it up. The book is downstairs. Let's go mom." HE honestly didn't understand why I was just laying there. Then, later that night he asked me if I had called Haiti yet and wanted to know what they said. About two days later while we were driving in the car, out of the blue he said "I know mom - when it's Christmas time and Noah's still not home, I will ask Santa to bring him for Christmas." The poor kid just really can't undertand what the delay is all about and, quite honestly, I really don't know how to explain it to him because it doesn't make much sense to me either. I'm still hoping that Adam will have a trick-or-treating partner this year and that he won't have to use his Santa card to get his brother home.