Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Great news!

Adam was out of school for "fall break" for a few days. Phil stayed home with him on Thursday and I stayed with him on Friday. We had a fairly relaxing, although busy, week-end and because our computer at home is on the fritz (side note: I'm looking for a good deal on a new one, and anybody who knows me is aware of my need to find the "best" product for the best price, so much to Phil's frustration the replacement is taking some time.) I haven't posted anything since last week.

I had intended to be back at work yesterday, but we spent much of Sunday afternoon wondering in what kind of shape we were going to find Adam come Monday morning. Without getting to graphic, each time he came out of the bathroom on Sunday (and it was multiple times) he would make a big announcement to let us know what color his poop was. At one point the announcement was followed with "I think I'm getting some diarrhea because I was in there a long time and my poop is looking pretty creepy." Nice. Needless to say, I stayed home with him again yesterday so we had to wait until today to share our good news. (You didn't think Adam's bathroom escapade was the good news, did you?)

On Friday Phil checked my email for me and there was a message letting us know that they had an appointment to pick up Noah's visa yesterday morning. By the time Phil came home from work yesterday, we still hadn't received word that the visa had actually come through, so I went to my friend's house last night to check my email again. (My issues with making any big purchase really does tend to be inconvenient at times.) I found the following message forwarded from Kathi who had received it from the social worker in Haiti:

I got Nedi's visa this morning. Nedi is ready to leave Haiti.

So, it's official. We can go pick him up. As much as I wanted him home for Halloween, it looks like all of these last minute delays combined with Phil's trip to Baltimore have taken an October homecoming off of the list of possibilities. The more I thought about it, I also realized that bringing him home for a week's worth of Halloween parties and festivities right off the bat probably isn't the wisest thing to do. We are thinking that bringing him into a much more settled atmosphere of calm and quiet with just us will go along ways towards helping him to transition to his new life. We are right now trying to figure out flights to Haiti that will leave with the next family trip to the orphanage on November 2nd. Phil will leave here on the 1st and either stay the night in Florida or fly overnight before heading to Port au Prince to get Noah. They will both return to Utah on November 6th. Wow. This is really happening. It's kind of unbelievable after all this time.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm so happy for you!!!
That is totally, totally amazing, incredible, fabulous, wonderful, everything!! I don't know if you got my earlier emails, but I'm adopting from C4C too -- I haven't been matched yet, but I'm following your journey with great interest. So happy for you!!!! Wow!!!!!!!!!