Wednesday, October 17, 2007

He's only 6!

Date: Oct 17, 2007
Time: approximately 6:45 a.m.
Scene: My bedroom, lights out; Phil has just crawled out of bed and stumbled into the shower; I'm trying to get my eyes to open up so that I can start my day; upon hearing the shower turn on Adam came alive and bounded into my room, onto the bed, and under the covers. We laid there in silence for a few minutes and then this conversation happened:

Adam: Guess who I love?
Me: (thinking he's going to declare his love for his dear mother as we cuddled together with his head on my shoulder and me softly stroking his arm) Who do you love, Adam?
Adam: (giggling) I love Jessica.
Me: (Confused silence)
Adam: She's at my school. I really, really want to marry her.
Me: Who's Jessica?
Adam: I told you . . . she's at my school. But Savannah loves me and I don't love Savannah. I love Jessica.
Me: Who's Savannah?
Adam: She's at my school too. And there's another Savannah too, but she doesn't love me like the other Savannah does.
Me: What are their last names?
Adam: I don't know. But I hope I get to marry Jessica and she can be my wife.
Me: Why do you love Jessica?
Adam: (giggling again) Because she has shiny shirts! And she has blue eyes.

About then, Phil comes back into the room and Adam hops out of bed. I tell Phil to ask Adam about Jessica. The conversation continues between Phil and Adam:

Phil: Who's Jessica, Adam?
Adam: She's at my school and I love her.
Phil: You love her?
Adam: Uh-huh.
Me: Tell him why you love her.
Adam: (very excited at this point) Because she has a really pretty shiny shirt and I love it! But Savannah loves me and I don't love her.

Adam follows Phil back into the bathroom to watch him shave . . .

Phil: You don't love Savannah?
Adam: No.
Phil: But you are still nice to her, right?
Adam: Yeah.
Phil: You don't have to love her, but you still need to be nice to her, right?
Adam: Yeah, I'm nice to her. But I like to play with Jessica more.
Phil: Well you still need to be nice. Girls get their feelings hurt if you aren't nice to them and you don't want to hurt Savannah's feelings, right?
Adam: Right. But do you know who I really want to marry?
Phil: Jessica?
Adam: No. Jacob. I like to play with him the very most and it would be so fun to marry him.
Phil: (His turn for confused silence)
Adam: But Jacob's a boy and I can't marry a boy.
Phil: Right.
Adam: How come I can't marry a boy?
Phil: Because boys marry girls.
Adam: So I will marry Jessica. But it would be fun to marry Jacob because then we could play and play and play and that would be so much fun.

Phil comes out of the bathroom, trying to stifle his own giggle.

Phil: Did you hear that?
Me: (now it's my turn to giggle) Yeah.
Phil: That's a good way to get a dad's heart pumping first thing in the morning.
Adam: What's for breakfast?


kj said...

What?! You didn't explain that in some states boys can actually marry boys? You're taking away this kid's agency! Don't you think that sharing all of the facts with Adam and then letting him make an informed decision would be the best thing you could possibly do as a parent? Oh wait..... he's only 6! Hee hee....