Monday, March 24, 2008

I LOVE Adam!!

I've been thinking a lot about Adam today. It's funny to me that the older he gets the more reasons I find to worry about him, and I've been worrying about him a lot lately. He's such a great kid and he makes me smile all the time. Every so often the realization hits me that things could have gone so differently for us and I might never have gotten to be his mom. How sad would my life be without wonderful little Adam!

Picture this conversation between the two of us just a few days ago:

Adam: Mom, how many days 'til Easter?

Me: Three.

Adam: It's on Sunday, right?

Me: Yep.

Adam: So do we go to church on Easter?

Me: Well . . . usually we do, but this year we are going to Grandpa Bill's for Easter so we probably won't go to church.

Adam: So we don't have to go to church on Easter?

Me: Well, we like to go to church, but we probably won't be able to go this Easter.

Adam: Yeaaaaaaa!!

Me: Adam, do you remember why Easter is a big deal?

Adam: Ummmmmm . . .

Me: Why do we celebrate Easter?

Adam: I dunno.

Me: It's a very special day and we celebrate Easter because that's when Jesus was resurrected.

Adam: Really? Jesus is so awesome . . . he was resurrected on Easter so he gives us the day off from church! I love Jesus!

Bless his heart. That's not exactly the reason that I would want him to love Jesus, but I guess it could be worse.


KJae said...

That's m' boy....

Gotta love that kid! Kiss him for Auntie.

Kelsen Family said...

What a cutie pie! I always love hearing stories about him. He cracks me up, he's so cute!!