Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lucky me . . . really.

Being sick really stinks. There is so much that I need to do - at work, and at home, and for church, and for fun - but I've spent the last 4 days trying to find a position that doesn't hurt my back. Just when I think I've found the sweet spot, the one that lets me lay still and start to drift off to a peaceful state of mind, the coughing starts. I have spent the last three nights half way sitting up in a chair, with a heating pad on my back and the inhaler within arms reach. The back and the cough seem to be vying for the top spot on my misery scale. I finally crawled into the guest bed last night at around 4:00 a.m. and managed to sleep for a few hours. I woke up with a bit of a start this morning when I realized that the clock in the guest room hasn't been set ahead for daylight savings time and it was time for school to be starting. I waddled downstairs as fast as I could go, calling for Adam to get his backpack. He didn't respond, but Adam likes to hide from me when I am looking for him. In fact, the more frantic I get, the funnier he thinks it is and the less likely he is to show his face. I finally checked in the coat room and his jacket and backpack were both gone so I relaxed knowing hat Phil must have gone into work late so that he could get Adam off to school while I slept.

That's where the lucky part comes in. (I know this has started out sounding like I was being sarcastic with the post title.) This realization hits me periodically, and this morning as I settled into my chair with my heating pad and my inhaler, I thought about how great it is to be me. Phil is so good to take care of me when I'm sick. After he enjoyed the initial "I told you so" when the doctor said that my cough was more than just a cough, he's been great. He hasn't once complained about my total uselessness over the last few days, and he's so great to take care of the boys. He had to teach his class last night so I was in charge of dinner - Ramen noodles and pigs in a blanket all around! When he got home, he ate what was left on the counter without so much as a raised eyebrow - at least not one that I saw. What a guy!

Noah doesn't entirely understand what my problem is, but he is honestly the most polite two-year-old you have ever seen. He never misses a "bless you" when I sneeze and after each coughing attack he gets a concerned look on his face and asks "Are you alright, mommy?" He is a cuddlebug and seems content to just sit with me in that chair whenever he can. I really think that his sticky kisses have some magical power because each time he plants one on me I actually feel a little better.

Adam is so great and is careful to ask Heavenly Father to help me get better each time he prays. Last night he forgot to include that in his bedtime prayer, so he asked if he could say it again because he loves me. He then said the sweetest prayer that I have ever heard. At the end he announced that he wants to say the bedtime prayer again tomorrow so that he can help me feel better. Adam is not much of a cuddlebug, but he has been extra conscious of my need for hugs lately. He'll come up out of the blue and tell me that he wants to give me a hug and a kiss, just because I'm his mom and he loves me. That's a big deal for Adam, and I'll take it every time.

So, even though I'm a bit of a whiner and I hate being sick, I'm feeling really lucky - and extremely blessed - because of these men in my life. It makes this nastiness seem not so bad.


kjae said...

I sure love your boys... they're amazing! That big boy is also quite incredible and it's nice hearing how lucky you are. I'll bet it's even better feeling it, huh?

Feel better, Ya Big Baby!

Michelle said...

Julie, I'm so sorry to hear your so sick!! That's terrible! Thank heaven's for wonderful boys (young and er, uh, 30ish). Ü
I wonder if John could help your back. It's worth a shot, even if he just did some therapy on it I'm sure it would give you some relief! You poor thing. I hope you get feeling better soon. and a big "thank you" to Phil for helping my friend! Ü

kjae said...

I was thinking my first comment sounded pretty uncharacteristic of me, so I thought I'd amend it.

Phil: You CREEP!!!!!!!!!

There, I feel better now.