Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Anybody hiring?

Phil spent pretty much all of Saturday at his office working on our taxes. I hate taxes and I hate that Phil spent his entire day doing them. With that said . . . here's my rant: Anybody who was around us at all during the year preceding Noah's homecoming knows the nightmare that we went through with the United States Customs and Immigration Services (heretofore referred to as USCIS). Working with our government to bring this kid home was a joke and I came out of that experience understanding why some people chose to come to this country illegally. USCIS must include "rude," "condescending," "insensitive" and "incompetent," on their list of desirable employee traits. Enough said.

Back to the subject at hand. Taxes. Phil gets to the part about our dependents and after about 15 phone calls to me where the two of us try to interpret the IRS instructions, we determine that although Noah cost us more in blood, sweat, tears, and dollars last year than any biological kid ever would have (TOTALLY worth all of it, by the way) we can't claim him on our taxes because he's adopted and he didn't live with us for more than half of the year. My niece who was born on December 30 was claimed by her parents in the year that she was born, but apparently an adopted kid doesn't count in the same way. And, to top it off, because we can't claim him as a dependent, we won't get the tax rebate for him that we would have gotten if I had gone to a hospital and delivered him.

With all of that considered, we figure that we are losing several thousand dollars on the tax deal, above and beyond what we spent to get him here. After talking it over with Phil, we decided that it's time for Noah to get a job. So, if anybody is hiring, let me know. Considering the fact that I am getting ready to go fail miserably at the SAHM thing, we are going to need the extra income.

Look at that face. He ought to bring in a lot of cash, don't you think?


Kjae said...

There are so many things about people's views on adoption that bug the crap out of me! It's enough that the people closest to you have stupid comments and opinions occasionally, but the fact that the very people who are professionally in the middle of the adoption process are such tards! Yes, I said it... TARDS!!! Ugh! Argh! ^&(*#&$^@(#*&^% I'm pretty sure that meant something more fierce than "Ugh!"

I'll hire him. Not exactly sure what he'll do other than sit on my couch and look cute, but that's enough.

If anybody doubts that he is your child in any way, all they have to do is look at the family resemblance. Lil' Noah is a dead ringer for big-lipped Phil. ;)

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh! you are killing me!!! that's hilarious - but not really. As wonderful and amazing and totally worthwhile the adoption process is - i have major issues with some of the aftermath. It's not right. I'm sorry, I feel for you.... grrr....

Melanie said...

Hey Julie,
this is Melanie Hunsaker(Rich). Not sure if Phil is an accountant or not but if not my husband is and would be happy to tell you if you are interpreting things right or not... I know with our recent adoption in January of this year Scott was disappointed that we did not get her a few days earlier so we could get the tax advantages starting last year and not having to wait until this... they are worth every penny (in fact, I'd pay more) but it does help to get the tax credits! my e-mail is hunsaker93@cableone.net and his work is 208-734-2077... he would not charge you and would be happy to help