Monday, April 07, 2008

I'm done, done, DONE!!!


Check out what we woke up to today. Can you see it? Can I puh-lease get some spring time weather?

I'm sure that anybody who lives in a nice, moderate climate might be thinking that I need to suck it up and quit crying about the never ending snow. I do live in Utah after all. In Utah it snows. There's no surprise there, so one might wonder why I am about one inch of the white stuff away from going completely mad. I'll tell you why. There has been snow on the ground in my front yard for just about four months straight. You're right - I do live in Utah. But one of the reasons that we love Utah is because we generally get to experience all four seasons here. The past couple of years though, we've had two seasons: One is "Freaking cold and wet" which abruptly turns into the other, which is "Stinking hot and dry". What happened to my lovely spring? Where is the fall that I enjoy so much? If I don't get at least a month of nice, pleasant 70 degree days soon, before we are in the 90's you just might see me on the news for going postal. (No offense, Sue. :-)


Kjae said...


I have a confession to make. It's actually ALL Keni's fault, the weather that is. Each day the weather is bad she ends up reporting: "The weather is out to get me!" To that I reply, "Oh, really? 'Mother Nature' is out to get you?" Then we find out that everyone and everything is out to get her as well. Bad hair days (blame the shampoo? straightener? pillow?). Can't find the right shirt days (blame the laundry ghost? the washer/dryer? the black hole we call her bedroom?).

There's other days alright but we'll stick to those just now. She truly has announced that the 'weather' is out to get her. Soooo, you're going to have to deal with Keni's enemies on this one. Sorry. She'll be happy when you fight the fight and get it taken care of for her...

Or will she? She is 13 you know, I doubt she'll ever be 'happy.'

Kjae said...

As for your page, it looks great! You're one of those creative scrap-booky sort of people who have to have a cute page. I'm a grab-the-provided-template sort of girl myself. Ah well.

Hey, I was wondering if you've had your liver checked lately?? I'm really concerned about you.

Michelle said...


Kjae said...

Michelle just said "AMEN" to having your liver checked, you know??!?

Julie said...

Ooohhh . . . you're right. That must have been the "bad" Michelle sneaking into my blog and I didn't even realize it. Drat!