Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Quote of the week

This one needs a little background:

We came home from church on Sunday and the boys and I immediately went upstairs to change our clothes before lunch. I told Noah to take his clothes off and then I would come help him get dressed. When I came out of my room, Noah had his shirt off and his pants down around his ankles. He was on the step stool in front of the bathroom sink holding a washcloth under the running water. I took the washcloth from him and his socks tumbled out into the sink. I was completely stumped and asked him "Noah, what are you doing? Why did you get your socks wet?" Here's his response, (said while pointing at the faucet), which is our quote of the week:

"Because . . . because . . . because . . . Sink. Wadah."

-Noah, April 20, 2008

Can't argue with that logic.


Kelsen Family said...

OOH, he is so cute! I love this photo. He sounds like he is full of energy. ha ha

KJae said...

When I read his answer I was like, "Well, DUH!!!!!" That kid's a smart one!