Monday, April 14, 2008

Spring is here!!!!

I am so happy because we have finally hit 70 degrees and it's spring break so I'm home with Adam for the afternoon. I'm not going to dwell on the fact that it's supposed to be back in the fifties tomorrow and for the rest of the week. Today it's sunny. Yeaaaaaaa!!!

I was going to take advantage of the weather and give the lawn it's first mowing of 2008. When I went into the garage to pull the mower out, I was distracted by the four-wheeler that was in the way. Even though I have been itching to work in the yard, I decided that the four-wheeler looked like a lot more fun, so I pulled it out, turned it on, and then called for Adam to come outside for a ride. We are lucky enough to have live next to what seems to be one of the last pieces of undeveloped land in Provo. Until they turn it into a couple of soccer fields at some point in the future, it is a great track for bikes and four-wheelers, and anything else that the neighbors want to run around on. Within about 5 minutes of the idea hitting me, Adam and I were cruising in the back field. I let him drive and he did a great job. I had to keep pointing out the rocks on the trail, but he did a good job avoiding them. At one point, we had this exchange:

Me: You're doing a great job! There's another rock. Be careful, dude.

Adam: something unintelligible since he doesn't get that he has to yell really loud so that I can hear him over the engine and through the helmets

Me: What?

Adam: I said I saw it. And don't call me dude.

Me: Why can't I call you dude?

Adam: Because it's creepy.

For whatever reason, Adam thinks he is the gauge for all that is creepy in this world and I apparently crossed the line. He was playing at a friend's house not too long ago and the mom told me later about an exchange that Adam had with her little boy. Adam asked Ty if his dad was going to be home. Ty said that his dad was at work and Adam said "That's good, because your dad is kind of creepy." Now that's a way to get invited back.


Michelle said...

Oh my goodness, that's hilarious! Am I creepy? Ask Adam.....