Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Three things

1. Spring in Provo was beautiful this year. We barbecued, rode the four-wheeler, worked in the yard, and really enjoyed the sunshine. Too bad it only lasted for one afternoon. Thinking that it was going to be back in the 50s today was a bit optimistic. It's approximately 35 degrees outside right now. It was snowing off and on again today. Grrrrrrr . . .

2. When I picked Noah up from daycare this afternoon I got a really good chuckle. I went into his classroom and the teacher that was in there was new to his classroom and I didn't know her. She asked me who I was there to pick up. When I told her Noah, this was her response (and it really is an exact quote because I jotted in down as soon as we got to the car so that I wouldn't forget): "Oh, I wasn't sure because I'm used to seeing his grandpa pick him up." That might not seem all that funny until I add a couple of pertinent facts. A) None of Noah's three grandpa's has ever picked him up, and B) Phil picks Noah up almost every day. Heh, heh, heh . . . I wanted so badly to call Phil and tell him about it as soon as it happened, but decided that might make him feel bad so I didn't. Fortunately, he never reads the blog so I don't have to worry about him finding out this way.

3. Another funny, this one, once again, from Adam. It happened in the car while we were driving home after picking Noah up today.

Adam: Noah, stop hitting yourself.

Noah: NO! (as he smacks himself in the head)

Adam: Stop it Noah! Mooooommmm, Noah's hitting himself.

Noah: No Adam! (smack and giggle)

Me: Just ignore him. If it really hurts, he'll stop. He's just trying to bug you.

Adam: But he'll get bruises and daddy said that people will be mad at us. That's why we don't hit him anymore.

I realize that's only funny when you know that we don't hit our kids - EVER. We are working on them not hitting each other but clearly we have a ways to go with getting them to understand why hitting isn't good.


KJae said...

1) Papa Pho, that's his new name! It's really no wonder with that gray hair and all! Where is he? I don't have any problem making him feel bad. Give me his work number!!!!!!

B) We do hit our kids, and often, and I'm with Adam... there's a LOT of trouble to be had when you find marks.

iii) Our Spring Break at the Dinosaur Park in Ogden was snowed out today. Rats!