Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Day #2 - Lessons learned

I've been a SAHM mom for less than two days. It appears that I am picking things up pretty quickly though. I've already learned a few things for sure:

1. Noah is stubborn. He will sit at the breakfast table for over an hour rather than eat two inches of a banana that he asked for but then immediately decided that he didn't want.

2. I am more stubborn than Noah. I will gladly let him sit at the table for over an hour until he eats that banana.

3. Throwing bananas is time-out worthy behavior.

4. Although stubborn, Noah knows when he is overmatched and he will eventually consent to eat a two-inch piece of banana (even one that's been thrown across the room) if he's given enough time to carefully consider the alternatives.

5. Although stubborn, I also know when I am overmatched. I have already realized that my dear Noah is nowhere near ready to be potty trained. End of story. Instead of ridding my house of diapers, I've decided that cleaning and organizing the play room is my new Job #1.

That playroom is in bad shape, so I better hop to it. Adam had a sleep over at his cousin's last night, so if I expect to throw anything away, today's the day.


Kristi said...

Ahhh Confessions of a SAHM - this is good stuff.

AprilC said...

Loved it Julie!

It's Miller Time said...

I got a magazine that has a kid size urinal in it, Jared is so excited for Paul to get old enough to use it! Good luck with the cleaning of the toy room!