Friday, June 06, 2008

Nothing exciting

Noah is napping; Adam is writing lists of Pokemon names (again); all is quiet so I am blogging. I've discovered something this week that has kind of surprised me - I suddenly don't have much to blog about. Even though most of what I put on here is about the boys, now that I am with them all day, every day they have stopped doing and saying interesting things. Either that, or all of the things that were so funny before have suddenly become much less so - probably because they are constant. For example, I probably would have had a great post reporting on what happened when Noah locked me out of the house on Wednesday. As far as he is concerned, that's the funniest thing he knows how to do and it doesn't get less funny to him even after he's done it several times in one day. Locking me out of the office and locking Adam out of the playroom are only slightly less funny than locking me out of the house. The locking part isn't even slightly funny to me anymore. In fact, it's the opposite of funny as far as I'm concerned. It even loses some of it's appeal to Noah after he spends a few minutes in time out. But approximately five minutes after the time out is over, locking the doors is extremely funny once again.

I'm thinking that I have a few options to solve the door locking situation. I can either pre-empt him and lock him out of every room in the house. Of course, that would require me to run up and down the stairs a hundred times a day so that I can open doors for him when he needs to get something. Option A is a terrible option because I try to avoid going up and down the stairs as much as possible. Option B would require me to carry my keys with me at all times so that I can get back in after he locks me out. Oh no . . . not another key issue!! I vote for Option C, which would require Noah to figures out that locking doors doesn't make anybody happy after the initial glee that he clearly experiences. Something tells me that my vote on this one isn't going to count for much.