Monday, July 21, 2008

Round and Round We Go

Almost two years ago I was asked to work in the Young Women's organization at church. I was less than excited about it and I cried when I had to leave the Primary where I had taught the ten-year-old class for awhile before being the primary secretary. I didn't want to leave the Primary. Quite honestly, the job was pretty easy. All I was ever really asked to do was keep the rolls in order, create agendas for our presidency meetings, make an occasional flyer to advertise one of our activities, and fill in every so often when a teacher wouldn't show up. It was a pretty kicked-back job, and I grew to love the women with whom I worked. The kids were pretty fun too. Seeing Adam during his first couple of years in the primary was especially fun for me. Then, I was ripped away from that and asked to spend my Sundays and one night a week with the 14-16 year old girls. I had no interest in doing that and it was a bummer to have to say good-bye to my friends and the kids in Primary.

Even though I was a reluctant participant in Young Women, it didn't take long for me to fall in love with those girls and really look forward to the time that I spent with them. Of course there is the usual teen-age drama to deal with, but they are great girls and we had a lot of fun and they taught me so much about faith and obedience and making right choices. I just got back from spending a little bit of time with them at Girl's Camp a couple of weeks ago. I remember going to Girl's Camp when I was a teenager and getting to go back as a leader for the past couple of years was wonderful. Just before Girl's Camp our Bishop talked to me and asked if I would be willing to leave the YW and go back the Primary, this time as the President. Whut??!? Being at camp was even more meaningful to me this year because I knew I would soon be leaving those girls.
It was a tough hike for this ol' body, but we made it to the top.
The view was totally worth the effort of getting there.

They made the change at church yesterday. A few of the girl's were sad when they heard the news, but none more than I. As of today, I'm in charge of our Primary. There's about 80 kids between the ages of 3 and 11 that I'm supposed to lead. I told Phil over and over again to tell the Bishop that I'm not a President of anything. I'm a really good secretary. I'm even a decent YW leader. I could probably even pull off teaching in Relief Society and if I HAD to I could figure out a way to be a counselor in a presidency. But a President? That's completely crazy talk from where I'm sitting. But, I'm there now and I have some phenomenal women as counselors so my plan is to delegate and then stay out of their way while they work their magic.

I'm seriously not at all excited about this new chapter, but I decided to post this so that when I am asked to leave the Primary again in a year or two and go do something else, I will remember this day and how worried I was. I cried when I had to tell the girls that I was leaving just like I cried when I left the Primary last time. (Who said I wasn't sentimental??) I'm really hoping that this new assignment will take a hold of me and maybe there will be a few tears when I'm asked to move on again. That just means that all the work meant something to me after all.

When I told Adam yesterday that I was going to be in Primary with him again his immediate response was "Why??!?" and then he said "Just for today, right?" I think he must see the craziness of it too. Either that or he's nervous that every week at church I will bust him with his Bakugan toys in his pocket like I did yesterday.


KJae said...

I have no doubt that you'll be an amazing President. If I could do it, anyone can!! With that aside, you'd still do an incredible job! Congratulations, Sis.

Oh yeah, it was ME that said you weren't sentimental. I stand by that remark.

Myrn said...

Congratulations !! You'll do great. After all, your little sister handled it and did a great job, and I'm sure you will too.