Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Last night we took the boys fishing for family night with some friends. While we were driving, Phil and I were talking about what is happening with the stock market. Here's how the conversation went:

Phil: The Dow was down 777 points today.
Me: I know. I heard them say that it was the biggest one day drop ever.
Adam: What's the Dow?
Phil: It's the stock market.
Adam: But what is it?
Phil: It's really boring stuff to a kid.
Adam: But I want to know.
Me: (I'm just sitting silently, grateful that Phil is there to tackle questions like this one. I'm thinking,"How do you explain the stock market to a 7 year old?? I'm anxious for Phil's answer myself.)
Phil: It's when people pay money to companies so that they can have more money. And when they make more money, the people who paid them money get more money back than what they paid. It's called investing and right now the stock market . . .
Adam: (interrupting Phil, mid-sentence) You're right. That is boring. Never mind.

Fortunately, the rest of the evening was a little more exciting. As you can see from the pictures, Adam was way into the fishing. Noah? Not so much.

Noah gave it a shot at first. He held onto his pole for a few minutes before deciding that there were far more interesting things to do.

This is as patient as Adam has ever been.

I have no idea who these kids were, and neither did Noah, but it took him all of five seconds to get them to forget their football game so that they could pay attention to him.

Adam eventually caught a stick. Not quite what we had in mind, but it made him giggle. Right before we left, our friend Chris finally caught a fish so we were able to go home claiming a small victory. Of course, because Chris kept the fish on his line so the kids could all see it, the fish broke the line and swam away with one of Chris' flies. I guess he claimed the bigger victory.

Noah clearly doesn't have a lot of fashion sense. Every chance he gets, he does this with his hat (it's fastened under his chin) and gets a little cranky when I try to put it on him the right way. He's such a goofball.

I LOVE living ten minutes from this!


Michelle said...

So funny! We went up the canyon last night too! Beautiful!!! Your boys are so handsome!!!