Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Halloween Dilemmas

Adam told me that he wanted to be a vampire for Halloween this year. "Score!" I thought, because he was a vampire last year which meant that the costume was all taken care of. (Side note: When he told me that he wanted to be a vampire last year I told him that I didn't like that idea because vampires scare me. He then said "But I'll be a nice vampire who doesn't suck blood. I'll give kisses instead.)

When I told Phil that Adam wanted to be a vampire, Phil responded with "But he told me that he wanted to be a Jedi." Adam happened to be sitting there when Phil said that and suddenly got very excited and started asking when we could go get him a light saber. Thanks Phil. I immediately started wondering where I was going to go to find a Jedi costume when Phil then suggested that I make the costume. Whatever. Sometimes I wonder if he is new here.

So, I am now trying to come up with not one, but two Jedi costumes. I was going to recycle one of Adam's old costumes for Noah this year, but there is no way that I am going to get Noah out of the house without a light saber since Adam will have a light saber. I wonder if we can get away with having Bob the Builder carry a light saber?

That reminds me of the ride home from pre-school last Thursday. Noah and Tyler were in the backseat and I asked Tyler what he was going to be for Halloween. He told me that he is going to be Batman and Noah, never wanting to be left out of anything, started yelling "I want to be a Halloween! I want to be a Halloween!" Tyler gave him a look like he was completely out of his mind as I tried to explain to Noah what Halloween is. He came home last year a week after Halloween so he really has no clue what's in store for him. Anyway, the conversation continued something like this:

Tyler: You can't be a Halloween. You can be Batman or Superman.
Noah: I want to be Batman Superman.
Tyler: You can't be Batman. I'm going to be Batman.
Me: (sensing Tyler's frustration) How about Spiderman? Maybe we can get out your Spiderman cape for Halloween.
Noah: I want to be Spiderman.
Tyler: Batman is black.
Noah: I want to be yellow Spiderman.
(voices begin to escalate)
Tyler: Spiderman is not yellow!
Noah: I want to be yellow Spiderman!!
Tyler: I don't want Noah to come to my house. He was mean to me.
Noah: I want to go to Tyler's house!
Tyler: No! Stop saying that you are coming to my house. You can't come to my house.
Noah: (almost crying) I want to go to Tyler's house right now!

At about that point, as they continued to go back and forth, we pulled up in front of Tyler's house. Tyler's amazing mom rescued all of us and before I knew it we were inside and the boys were enjoying fruit snacks and granola bars while Tyler's mom and I worked on the Primary program. Whew!
I have to say, that Tyler is right. There's just something a little unsettling about a yellow Spiderman. But, according to Phil, the boys only have a limited number of Halloweens in their lives. They should get to be what they want to be. So using that logic, I get to come up with a Jedi and a yellow Spiderman. I somehow need to help Phil understand that beauty of the power of suggestion when it comes to things like this. If Phil would let me work the boys a little bit, I'm pretty confident that I could get Adam excited about his vampire and Noah would be thrilled about Bob the Builder.


KJae said...

The thing that REALLY sucks is that the only color Shiz knows is YELLOW! You could have gotten away with any-color-Spidey if he had said anything other than that. Rats!! Good luck on that one.

And oh yeah, Spidey does NOT have a cape. Sorry.

AprilC said...

Hey Julie, Target had Yoda costumes.

Michelle said...

Hilarious. Once again I am laughing so hard. You are the best storyteller... seriously. John and I have decided you need to write books... you'd be a best seller - for sure!!!

Angelique said...

Agree with AprilC..! Target had Yoda costumes.

Julie said...

Looks like I'm going to have to go to Target and see what they have to offer in the way of Jedi costumes. Phil told Adam that he should be Yoda and Adam was less than interested in that proposal. Phil even told Adam that Yoda is more powerful than all the Jedi's and Adam said he's too short. Then he threw Noah under the bus and suggested that he be Yoda.