Friday, September 19, 2008

Quote of the Week

I should probably change the title of this to quote of the month since I've kind of been slacking off. My boys just haven't been all that funny lately I guess. Noah made up for it last night though.

Phil took us out to dinner last night and after buckling Noah into his carseat for the ride home he climbed into the front seat totally laughing. He then asked if Noah had told me what he learned in pre-school. When I said that he hadn't, Phil said "Hey Noah, tell mom what you learned today."

Jack and Hill went up the hill
(he pats himself on the head)
And broke his crap.

Nothing about falling down, nothing about a pail of water, and the Jack and Hill isn't a typo. After Phil got him going, he repeated it all night, much to our amusement and Adam's annoyance. Adam started saying the whole rhyme and Noah eventually picked up some of the words, so his original version is likely gone forever.