Friday, September 26, 2008

Noah's growing!

I took Noah to the doctor yesterday. We are still trying to get him caught up on all of his shots, and I thought it was probably a good time for another check-up.

I was happy to see that he is growing. Six months ago he was in the 2nd percentile for weight and the 24th percentile for height. As of yesterday weighs 29 pounds and is in the 14th percentile for weight. He is also 38 inches tall which puts him in the 34th percentile for height. Go Noah!

They then checked his eyes which was pretty hilarious considering Noah doesn't know his shapes. The nurse who was doing the eye test clearly didn't have pediatrics at the top of her wish list when she was in nursing school. It was painfully obvious that she didn't have the patience for working with small children. She first sat down and went through the shapes with him. I'm sure she was thinking "So far, so good." I was thinking "Are you kidding me? I've been working on colors with him since he came home almost a year ago and the only color that he seems to have a firm grasp on is yellow. Do you really think he's going to remember the shapes after a ten second run through?" I didn't interject my thoughts though, since she is a medical professional and obviously knows more about it than I do. Their initial conversation went something like this:

Impatient Nurse: What shape is this? (a square)
Noah: Uhhhhhh . . . . triangle?
IN: No. It's a square. What shape is this? (a very oddly shaped thing that she claimed was a heart)
Noah: Uhhhhhhh . . . . triangle?
IN: No. It's a heart. What shape is this? (a circle)
Noah: Uhhhhhhh . . .
Me: You know this one Noah. Tell her what that is.
Noah: Uhhhhhhh . . . . triangle.
IN: It's a circle. What shape is this? (a house)
Noah: Blank stare.
IN: It's where you live.
Noah: (looking at me) It's a house?!?
Me: Good job.
IN: What shape is this? (another square)
Noah: Uhhhhhhhh . . . .
IN: It's the same as the first one.
Noah: Triangle!
IN: It's another square. Let's try the test.

(she goes to the other end of the room and I stay with him and cover one of his eyes with the little plastic thing that he kept grabbing at)

IN: (holding up a strip of shapes that I can barely see, even with my 20/20 vision) What's this? (as she points at the first square)
Noah: (says nothing, but winks his eye that isn't covered up and then giggles)
IN: It's a square. What's this? (as she points at the supposed heart)
Noah: (blank stare)
IN: He can see them fine. He just doesn't know what they are. I think we are good.

I left that experience with two questions:
1. Was she serious?
2. Can somebody please give them an eye chart for little kids that has a triangle on it?

Here's one final confession about Noah that I have purposely left off of the blog for what are probably obvious reasons. I'm even wondering now if I should share this, but in the interest of full disclosure to ensure historical accuracy, here goes. My dear, sweet little Noah has an obsession with breasts. He has an immediate and obvious affinity for anybody who has them, and as far as he is concerned, the bigger the better. A few days ago he was sitting on my lap when he looked up at me and said "Mommy, your boo-boo is kind of pretty." (Notice that didn't make the quote of the week?) I've been embarrassed by this character trait of his on more than one occasion, but until now his targets (besides me) have been people who are close to us and he's little enough at this point that they've always laughed it off. Yesterday though, he was standing next to our nurse practitioner while she was talking to me. She had her arm draped around him and he was driving a car up her arm when he slyly drove the car across her chest and then stopped and rubbed her boob. I about died. After the initial shock, she handled it quite well and just redirected him. He looked at me and gave me one of his famous Noah giggles. I try to not make a big deal out of it when it happens (like the NP, we redirect a lot), but I'm starting to wonder how much longer I should wait before directly addressing the issue with him. For now we are in a holding pattern and I'm just hoping that it's a phase that he will outgrow, preferable before he becomes a teenager.


KJae said...

heh heh.... heh heh heheheheh.... aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh, heheheheheh. Thanks, I needed that.

And let's look at the positive side of things. As long as you let him keep his creepy addiction to big boo-boos, Auntie Me will always be his favorite!!

KJae said...

Hey. I had a dream the other night that Noah had been circumcised. I said, "Hey, when did that happen?" You said, "Oh, a month or so ago!"

Why wouldn't you tell your sis something as monumental as that? Seriously...