Sunday, October 05, 2008

Dirty Daredevil at Cornbelly's

So, I didn't quite make it back to report on the field trip as soon as I originally thought. I promised a report though, so here it is.

As if I didn't already know it, two things were confirmed when we went to the pumpkin patch.
The first thing that I am competely convinced of is that Noah likes dirt!

All of the other kids were sitting, relatively calmly, waiting for the group picture to be taken. Noah saw the wait time as a perfect opportunity to color himself white.

We finally persuaded him to join the other kids on a hay bale for the group picture. I'm so glad that I put clean clothes on him and gave him a bath before we left that morning.

He started playing with this little girl's pigtails. I'm not sure if her mom was there or not, but I'm guessing that if she was, she was cringing as Noah was running his "white" hands through her golden locks.

These (and many others just like them) were taken at later times during the day. He seriously would rather play in dirt than do just about anything else. I especially love it when he pours sand all over his head. For those of you who haven't experienced it, sand doesn't come out of Noah's hair very easily.

The second thing that I know for sure after our field trip is that if there are two ways to do something, Noah will NEVER opt for the safe, uncomplicated way.

This is what he was doing when I took the "Damian" picture. They would pump the water and make the ducks float down the trough. If any of you ever find yourself at Cornbelly's with a bunch of three-year-olds, here's a tip: Never, EVER take a floating duck out of one of their troughs and move it to your trough. Enough said.

We took a hayride. Noah threw hay all over the place. A great time was had by all.

What do you think of his hayseed look? I'm not sure that he quite pulls it off.

At the end of the day we went to the pumpkin patch and picked out our very own pumpkins. Noah carried his all the way back to the car "by mine self."

And he got in one more round of playing in the dirt while we were in the parking lot getting the other kids loaded into the cars.


Myrn said...

Maybe on a subconscious level, he's just trying to blend in with the rest of the group when he paints himself white.

As for being a daredevil and having to do things "by myself", I think he has been taking lessons from HJ.

Kelsen Family said...

It has been a while since I've been on your blog. I love all the pictures. Noah is getting so big!! What a cutie pie!!