Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Show me the Money!

Who: Me and Noah
Scene: Waiting in line to pick up a prescription at the Walmart pharmacy
When: Approximately 1:30 today

Noah glances over and sees a bunch of hearing aid batteries hanging in packages on the hooks and this is the conversation that ensued:

Noah: Can I buy that?
Me: Buy what?
Noah: Those green things (Although there was no green anywhere on the package I still managed to clue into what he was referring to.)
Me: No, you can't buy those.
Noah: (in a slightly whiny voice) Whyyyyy?
Me: Because you don't have any money.
Noah: I do too have some money.
Me: Really? Where is your money?
Noah: At Jacob's house.
Me: Really? I'm going to have to ask Jacob's mom (who happens to be my sister, so I'm anxious to get to the bottom of why she is hoarding all of Noah's money.)
Noah: Can I buy those? (pointing at the same package as before)
Me: Nope. Get your money back from Auntie and then we can talk about buying you some hearing aid batteries.
Noah: Okay.


KJae said...

I can go a couple of directions with this one.

1) He's a liar head!
2) He has to give me a quarter every time he touches my boo-boos.
3) Yes, I had his money. He was scared his daddy would steal it. Little does he know I've already spent it.

I'm just glad I know what to get him for Christmas! How expensive are those batteries anyway??!?

Michelle said...

That is hilarious!!! I am constantly laughing out loud reading your blog. Can we please get together so i can laugh with you in person!?!