Friday, November 07, 2008

Ok . . . uhhhh . . . maybe not

Noah wet his pants yesterday not just a little bit, but A LOT. He was on the toilet and called me to help him off as he usually does. I helped him down and discovered that not only had he dribbled in his underwear, but his pants looked like a fire hose had hit him. Sigh. I asked him why he pee'd in his pants. His response? "I didn't pee in my pants." There's clearly a disconnect there. He spent the rest of the afternoon in a t-shirt again and was accident free until bedtime. Maybe he just doesn't like the hassle of having to pull his pants down. We are headed out to run errands this morning. Diaper days are behind us (except for bedtime) and I'm not going back, so it should be an interesting trip.


Kristi said...

Ok now I'm sure you have thought of this and I don't mean to state the obvious...but do you think maybe Noah is unable to get his pants off of himself fast enough so he's wetting them in the process of getting on the potty? Short of getting him a little easy access flap on his pants I don't really know what you could do about that! ;-)

Julie said...

Believe it or not, as obvious as that is, it hadn't really occurred to me. (Have I mentioned that I will never be nominated for mother of the year??) The thing with Noah is that he is all about not being bothered by such trivial things as learning to use the toilet. I think the reason he doesn't pee when he doesn't have pants on is that he's close to the toilet, not doing a whole lot. It's just us at home and he's running around "free" as a bird. When he has wet his pants, it's because other people are around (and that's why he's dressed all the way)and other things - like playing with other kids - are distracting him. The fire hose soaking came when there were a couple of kids over playing and Noah just didn't want to interrupt his play time to go pee in the toilet. The wet pants don't seem to dissuade him. He's doing better today though. I think it's starting to sink in.