Thursday, November 06, 2008

Potty Watch - Day 3

So far, no more accidents. Noah had his first outing in big boy underwear yesterday to McDonald's for a birthday party and all was well.

Today - so far so good. He's gone to the bathroom twice this morning, all without any prodding from me. In fact, the only reason I knew he went is because he always calls me when he's done so that I can help him get off the toilet.

I think he's officially potty trained. (Am I jumping the gun??)

I'm thinking that between Gotcha! day and Potty training: Mission Accomplished, November 6th in an official family holiday. Phil is taking us to dinner tonight. (Don't mock me - I've called for dinner out for much less significant reasons that either of those.)


KJae said...

That isn't insignifcant AT ALL. Both of those milestones call for MUCH more than just dinner. Ask Phil for a new diamond or something. : )