Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve . . .

I usually spend Christmas Eve doing two essential things:
1. Shopping (there's ALWAYS at least one more thing that I need to get)
2. Wrapping presents until 2:00 a.m.

Last night was volleyball night, but we all decided to skip volleyball and have a mini-Christmas party. The only way I could justify hanging out at such a busy time was to take my presents and wrap them amidst all of the chatting and munching. My friends jumped in and in the time I would have wrapped two, maybe three gifts, they had them done! My only job was to get them tagged and I had a hard time keeping up. We really know how to party.

So now that all of my gifts are wrapped (thanks ladies!), I get to spend today shopping. Phil and the boys are working on treats for Santa and snacks for our mini-Christmas Eve party. And I am headed out to battle the crowds. I'm seriously out of my mind.


KJae said...

I want to thank you for inviting me to this "mini-Christmas Eve-party."

Whu?!??! You didn't? Oh, my bad.

Lydia said...

Your brave shopping on Christmas eve. Robert loves to go out and he always saves my presents for then.

Julie said...

When I say mini, I mean mini. It was just us - and as an afterthought Chris and Krissy brought the girls over so that we could do the nativity.

But, from the food that Phil spread out you would have thought that we had 50 people coming over. He can't figure out how to scale back when it comes to food.