Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas in Pictures

The boys decorating their tree:

Noah doing his best reindeer impersonation.

Sledding with the cousins:

Don't you love how the drivers are well-protected with the helmets, while the little kids being dragged around on plastic discs are completely vulnerable to getting their heads bashed on rocks? Nice.

Noah is clearly realizing that this isn't Haiti anymore.
Christmas Eve:

This is how Phil occupies himself while I am out shopping all day. Note that our plan was to have Christmas Eve with just a couple of people over. We had five adults and four kids to eat all of this. No wonder I ended up tossing a bunch of it just yesterday.

Our boys first Nativity. Just so you know, the Jedi costume that you bought your kid for Halloween does great double-duty as Joseph on Christmas Eve. Suddenly that $40 seems a little more worth it.
Mary and Joseph did a pretty good job staying in character. The shepherd and the angel had a little bit tougher time.

Christmas morning:

Patiently waiting for Dad before they rumble down the stairs for the present fest.

Opening gifts. Adam was a bulldozer and Noah wanted to play with every single thing for a few minutes before he moved onto the next present - just more evidence of how these two boys are polar opposites.
Adam perfected his Wii Stare with only about 30 minutes of practice.
Noah looked very cute, until he decided that his once-a-day pee in his pants ritual would happen in the morning instead of early evening as it usually does. Yes, we were late for Christmas dinner.
Now it's time for me to clean up all the Christmas stuff and put the decorations away. I'm ready to begin a new year!


Lydia said...

It looks like your family had a wonderful Christmas.

Vanessa said...

mmm, whatever that pile of food with frosting dripping on it looks delicious! and the nativity was adorable!