Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holy Big Foot!

This is a picture of the tree branches right outside my bedroom window this morning: Naturally, the boys were both very excited when they saw the snow and Adam about wiggled out of his skin when he realized that he would be wearing his snow boots to school today. Of course, Noah saw Adam's snow boots and started wondering where his were. I, being the on-the-ball mom that I am, went straight to the storage room and pulled out the cool LL Bean snow boots that I purchased and put away for Noah at the end of the last snow season. I was feeling pretty good that I was so prepared and ready to go with the winter gear, prior to the snow actually being on the ground. He started jumping all over the place and immediately wanted to put them on. I gave them to him and he went to work. How was I supposed to know that his feet would go from a size 6-1/2 last year to a size ten this year??!? The size 7's didn't even make it out of the box. The size 8's didn't make it past his ankles. So much for being ready for the snow.


KJae said...

Auntie is trying her best to save the day. But it probably won't happen until the snow melts. He'll be super-prepared for the next storm though.

Nathan said...

We have the opposite problem for our daughter. She's still a size 3. Has been for a while. We've only been able to find snow boots in size 5.

There is a silver lining. If Noah likes all this growing, tell him it's because he is starting to use the bathroom instead of the diapers. Hopefully he won't realize the two have no relation to each other, and you may find potty training a little easier.