Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bonus #1 and Bonus #2

Bonus #1: My sister just called. She found some of Adam's old boots that my nephew used a year or two ago. Size 10. It appears that Noah's ginormous tootsies won't have to freeze this winter.

Bonus #2: We are off the hook for Christmas gifts for our kids this year. While we were driving in the car last night Adam and Phil began a conversation that went something like this (I'm not sure how it started because when Phil is in the car to field all of the questions from Adam, I tend to tune out):

Adam: But Dad, that's no fair!
Phil: Sure it is - Santa will bring you something.
Adam: But you are our parents. You have to buy us something too.
Phil: You don't need that much stuff. I think you'll be fine with whatever Santa decides to bring.
Adam: But . . . but . . .
Me: I think that's a great idea.
Adam: But . . .
Noah: Jack and Hill went up the hill . . . (completely oblivious to the fact that his brother is losing this all-important negotiation for the both of them.)
Me: You know Adam, some kids in the world don't get anything. Santa can't even find them on Christmas so you should feel happy that you will at least get something.
Phil: Yeah. You should feel happy.
Adam: sitting silently perplexed
Noah: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star . . . (still oblivious)
Me: It will be okay. I'm sure Santa will bring you something nice.
Adam: I have an idea. How about Santa gives us something this year and then you and Santa give us something next year and then just Santa the next year and then you and Santa again. It will be like a pattern. How about that?
Phil: Hmmmmmm . . . I think that might work.
Adam: Okay. We'll do that. NEXT year I'm going to ask for a LOT of stuff.
Noah: Wipin' off the bumble-bee . . .

So, just like that, my shopping is that much closer to being done!


KJae said...

Whoa! Can you have Adam convince my kids of that pattern?