Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Adam went to a friend's house yesterday and they apparently played some video games. He came home and told me that they played JAWS and it was "really, really cool". Just a few minutes after he crawled into bed last night, Adam called me into his room with a question.

Adam: Mom? Is there really music playing when a shark is coming?
Me: What?
Adam: Can you really hear that music when a shark is in the water by you?
Me: (thinking that Phil is wayyyy better at these conversations than I am) Ummmmmm . . . no.
Adam: Then how do you know if a shark is coming?
Me: We live nowhere near the ocean, Adam. And sharks swim far away from the shore.
Adam: Bull sharks swim in really shallow water. How do you know if one is coming by you? Hundreds and hundreds of sharks eat people.
Me: (completely aware that I'm not doing a very good job of reassuring him) Uhhhhh . . . they have lifeguards to tell you if a shark is coming.

Adam: But what if the lifeguard doesn't know? Or what if you can't hear the lifeguard?
Me: (where is Phil???) Really Adam, we live in Utah. A shark isn't going to get you.
Adam: I know! (as a realization hits him) Maybe if it's a great white shark you will see the fin coming.
Me: Yeah. Look for the fin and then get out of the water. Now get some sleep and don't worry about sharks.

How's that for leaving it up to Adam to reassure himself right before he goes to sleep? Phil is so much more creative (and convincing) with answering these questions than I am. My boys are are soooooo lucky that he is their dad!

Speaking of lucky . . . Phil took the day off of work today. He said he had to run a couple of Christmas errands this morning and then I could have the rest of the day to do whatever I wanted to do. Yipppeeeeeee!! As if that wasn't good enough, he ended up taking Noah with him this morning on his errands!! Double yipppeeeeeee!! So, you might be wondering what in the heck I am doing sitting here on the computer. Good question. I'm outta here.